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Covid Restrictions – Update 1st Feb-2021

Sent: 01 February 2021 21:03  Subject: Covid Update

1ú Feabhra 2021   Covid Restrictions – Update


A chara,

As you may have read or heard through media sources, a meeting of the GAA’s Covid Advisory group was held this evening. The meeting considered the question of a return to training for senior inter county teams.

It was the view of the group that the incidence of the virus in the community remains at a level where it would be irresponsible for the GAA to permit a return to collective training at this moment in time. However, the group did welcome the significant and ongoing reduction in case numbers over the course of the last number of weeks and it was agreed to reconvene on the week commencing February 15th to further consider the matter.

As the situation with the virus remains fluid, it is unfortunately impossible for the Association to put definitive dates in place for when inter county training or games may resume. However, there are positive indications in terms of the reduction of case numbers and the continued roll out of the Covid vaccine and as such, the commencement of competitions in the month of March is a definite possibility. In that context, we remain committed to providing at least a four-week window for teams between the return of collective training and the commencement of competitive games, and remain committed to running all of the various competitions that were outlined in the original Master Fixture plan published last December.

In the interim, I would like to thank our players and managers for their understanding of the current situation and for co-operating with us in ensuring that collective training does not take place. I also wish to remind Counties that all pitches and gyms must remain closed for the time being.

Finally, I want to re-assure Counties and Clubs that despite this necessary delay in getting the inter-county season up and running, we remain committed to ensuring a healthy portion of the fixture calendar is allocated to our clubs so that they can return to training and competition as soon as Government restrictions permit. We are also conscious that outstanding club games from 2020 and the remaining games in the 2020 Minor and U20 inter county competitions need to be factored into the equation in this context.

We will issue a revised Master Fixture Calendar to address all of the above once a date for the commencement of the 2021 inter-county season has been agreed.

 Is muidne,

 Tomás O Riain Seán Ó hÓráín


 Le meas,

GAA Communications Dept.

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COVID Update 5.1.21.

From: GAA Communications 
Sent: 05 January 2021 13:54
Subject: COVID Update 5.1.21.

A chara,


Given the current exceptional rise in infection rates of Covid 19 and the increased risk of community transmission, the GAA has taken the decision that there will be no collective training permitted for inter-county teams for at least the remainder of the month of January.

 In addition, Club and County gyms must stay closed until further notice.

 As previously advised, and under the current Government Regulations in both jurisdictions, neither training nor games are permitted at club level currently.

 Breaches of any of the above provisions will be dealt with under Rule 7.2 (e) “Misconduct considered to have discredited the Association”. The full wording of this Rule and potential penalties are included as an Appendix 1 below.

 As you are aware, the current Level 5 restrictions in the South will run until January 31st at which point the GAA will review the current situation and further advice in this context will be provided.

 Finally, it is important to note that outdoor gatherings on GAA property are not permitted – the only current exception to this is for walkways (which may stay open for use by the community with social distancing in place) and for clubs registered under the “Ireland Lights Up” walking initiative (see Appendix 2).

 I fully appreciate the frustrations these additional restrictions may place on our inter county players and management teams. However, the safety of everyone in the game and indeed in the broader community has to be our primary focus. It has never been more important for our players, coaches and officials to follow both the Government guidelines and our own provisions around training.

 I thank you for all you have done in this context to date and ask again for your cooperation and understanding as we battle to defeat the virus and finally return to normality.

 Is mise le meas,

 Tomás O Riain Seán Ó hÓráin



 Appendix 1

 Rule 7.2 (e) Official Guide, 2020

 7.2 (e) Misconduct Considered to have Discredited the Association.

 This shall include breaches of Rule 1.12 Official Guide Part 1, and Rules 5.33 (Hurling) and 5.29 (Football) Aggressive Fouls, Playing Rules, Official Guide Part 2.

 Penalties: Member - A minimum 8 weeks suspension. Debarment and Expulsion from the Association may also be considered.

 Team/Unit - Where suspension is deemed appropriate - a minimum of 8 weeks. A Fine, Disqualification and Expulsion from the Association may also be considered.


Covid 19 Safety Reminder - Pitches and Facilities


In the interest of the Health and Safety of all our members and the community, we would like to remind you that Celbridge GAA Club Grounds Remain Closed for all activities - there are no exceptions . This is in line with government and association guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

We look forward to seeing you all when it is safe to do so .
In the meantime - safe safe - stay home.

Mick Sammon & the events of Bloody Sunday

We met with Club President Pat Murphy to talk about Mick Sammon & the events of Bloody Sunday. Pat is a wealth of information and greatly helped us with the below article.

Celbridge GAA will honour the 14 victims of Bloody Sunday by lighting 14 candles tonight, 21-November-2020

Kildare footballer and 1919 All-Ireland Football Winner Mick Sammon was the referee for the match between Tipperary and Dublin during which the tragic events known as Bloody Sunday took place in Croke Park.
As referee, Mick Sammon threw in the ball at 3.15pm on that faithful day, little did he know what would unfold. Accounts given by eyewitnesses suggest that 5 minutes after the throw-in, Croke Park was raided by British soldiers with shooting breaking out almost immediately. The rest as they say, is history.

Of much interest to both Celbridge & Clane residents, is that Mick Sammon was born in Loughbollard Commons, Clane in 1892. he got involved with the movement for independence and became a prominent Gaelic footballer, winning an All-Ireland medal at midfield with Kildare in the 1919 All-Ireland Final against Galway.

The dreadful events of that tragic day took place under the eyes of Mick Sammon who was refereeing that fateful game. Moments before the shooting started Mick had been talking to Michael Hogan the Tipperary captain. When the firing commenced Hogan was killed and Mick Sammon crawled to the sideline and thence to safety.
After some years working in Dublin, Mick Sammon, moved to and bought a business in Celbridge. This was then known as the “Railway Inn”, beside the bridge in Celbridge. The public house later became known as “Greg Allen’s” and it is now called “McNamee’s Abbey Lodge”.

Mick went on to play with Celbridge for many years along with Owen Murphy who was the father of our Club President Pat Murphy. They also played on the Kildare teams of the early 1920s. They were lifelong friends and Pat Murphy has a lovely clock that was given to his Dad by Mick as a wedding present in 1938.

He was an idol of Pat when he was young as he was an All-Ireland medal winner.

Two other Celbridge men Albert O’Neill and George McGann were also in the 1919 team.

He settled in at the pub he bought but rarely spoke of the events of Bloody Sunday.

He was married with 2 daughters and his grandson Barry Brogan went on to be a champion jockey in England in the 1970s also winning a Cheltenham Gold Cup.

The whistle used by Mick on that fateful day is now on display in the GAA Museum having been donated to the Museum by Mathew Farrell late of Loughinstown Celbridge. The whistle was originally given by Mick to John Dunphy another great Celbridge GAA man before being given to Mathew. Attached is a photo of the whistle from GAA Museum.

The GAA Museum includes exhibits relating to Bloody Sunday including an original Tipperary v Dublin match ticket on November 21 and replica jerseys worn in the 'Michael Collins' film.
He died in 1947 and is buried in the graveyard of the old Franciscan Friary in Clane.

References & further reading.

Pat Murphy, Celbridge GAA Club President
Liffey Champion Article on Saturday 14-November, by Eoghan Corry.