Celbridge GAA Club Camp Policy


Celbridge GAA club has a duty of care to ensure all children taking part in our camps do so in a safe and fun environment.
With that in mind the following criteria must be met in advance of the running of any Camp.

A Camp organising committee should be set up in advance of any camp sanctioned by the Club. Liasion with the Vetting Officer and/or Children’s Officer must be a done to ensure compliance.

“Young people must always be adequately supervised regardless of activity and it is the responsibility of Clubs to ensure that a satisfactory ratio of adults to young people is always maintained” Code of Behaviour

In addition to the Camp Co-Ordinator, and depending on number of child attendees, at least 3-4 other suitably qualified adults required for coaching/supervision each day and must be vetted. Higher child attendees would require more suitably qualified adults.
The CoB guidelines for supervision are 1:8 for U12s. While this may not always be achievable the Camp organising committee should do its best to ensure as many suitably qualified adults are available each day. Review of online application numbers will give a good indication of any shortfalls.

“Supervision ratios will depend on the nature of the activity, the age of the players and any special needs of the group. It is recommended that a minimum ratio of 1:8 for under 12 years of age players and a ratio of 1:10 for players over 12 years of age. When abiding by such ratios a coach must always be accompanied by at least one other suitably qualified adult at all times” Code of Behaviour.

If an adult is coaching they must have vetting, Code of Behaviour and a minimum foundation level coaching qualification.

If an adult is acting as supervisor they must have vetting. Depending on their duty, Code of Behaviour is preferable but if they are just helping out and not directly involved in the coaching it may not be a full requirement. Please revert to the Vetting or Children’s Officer once roles have been confirmed.

Juvenile helpers play a vital role in assisting coaching in the Camps and we are very grateful for their help. Those aged 16 or over must be vetted and those aged 17 or over must have Code of Behaviour.
Note: Only those with vetting can help at the Camps with juveniles. If helpers do not have vetting they are not permitted to have any role with juveniles. Their roles can include setting up drills, getting equipment, cleaning etc., but not in any coaching or demonstrating or supervisory capacity.
Any juvenile helping out who is 15 is viewed as a player and must be in the presence/supervision of a suitably qualified adult at all times. It is preferable however that only those aged 16 or over who meet the above requirements are involved with the Camp.

It is advisable to contact coaches and helpers well in advance of any camp to ensure we have enough coaches/adults/juveniles and that we are satisfied we have full compliance before the camp goes ahead


Roll Call:
Roll call to be taken within 45 minutes of Camp starting to allow for latecomers or a child wanting to return home.
If anyone arrives after this time it is the parent/guardians responsibility to sign in directly with the camp supervisor.
If a child is leaving early they must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

Dressing rooms:
Helpers/coaches/ supervisors should not be alone in a dressing room with a child/children. Best practice is to have 2 suitably qualified people supervising children if there needs to be supervision in a dressing room (for storing gear bags/eating lunch etc)
PLEASE NOTE: the use of the dressing rooms during camp is for placing bags, lunch and gear - hurley helmet etc and occasionally eating lunch if weather is bad. It is not used to change clothes.

Toilet breaks:
Suitably qualified persons to escort children to the general toilet area where they will wait outside until the child is finished. Children are expected to be able to use toilet facilities and wash hands without direct supervision. Toilet breaks should be encouraged at break times so as not to disrupt playing time during the camp activities. Best practice is to appoint suitably qualified persons to specifically oversee toilets breaks. A “Buddy system” should be employed so Children who need to go to the toilet be accompanied with another child from their group.

Fire assembly :
In the case of a fire all Adults and Children should immediately stop activities and go straight to the designated meet point in an orderly manner where a roll call will be taken.

First Aid:
A first aid bag is on site to deal with general small cuts and scrapes, bruises etc and cleaning/plasters etc can be applied by camp supervisor. More serious injuries require contacting the parent/guardian.
An accident form is available in the clubhouse.

It is the parent/guardian responsibility apply to make sure children are suitably attired for camps, to supply snacks & lunches, water, Gumshields etc.
In the case of sunny weather the Parent/Guardian should apply sunscreen if required. If sunscreen needs to be re-applied they are to to let the organiser know in case a child needs help. Children who need sun screen applied be accompanied by another child from their group.

Remind parents via application form to let camp organisers know of any allergies, medications, conditions their child may have in advance of camp.