Children’s Officer Information 2020

Hi all,

As the year draws to a close we would like to thank all the coaches, volunteers, referees and members in the Club for their continued support and engagement with the Children’s Officer and Vetting Officer. We wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Again we would remind everyone aged 16 or over that by law they MUST be Vetted. This goes for anyone with a role or responsibility within the club and is essential for any new coaches who would like to come on board. They must be have applied for and received their on line vetting confirmation first.

Code of Behaviour, Coaching and Juv Referee courses are held regularly in the club. If you need to avail of any of these please contact the Children’s Officer.

For our Juvenile referees, without whom we could not play so many Go Games Matches, we are so grateful.
Going forward all referees must be vetted. This is an online process via Gaa main website/club website. The Vetting Officer will give advice on this. Please apply with completed parental consent form once you turn 16.

Over the break, we would suggest looking back over the Code of Behaviour which available from the below link


Our Games Our Code Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport when working with underage players ( Code of Behaviour )


Please familiarise yourselves with this and your obligations within the club. We have broken down the relevant sections to make it easier for members.

  • For information on the Code, Young Players, Coaches, Parents/Guardians, Supporters, Referees, Respect Initiative & Club, see pages 4-16.
    (Please note Best Practice & Supervision ratio recommendations on page 10.) Where only two coaches train together they could consider asking some of the parent group to apply for Vetting to ensure compliance with ratios at training. For female teams they should consider asking female helpers to be vetted and available or draw from Vetted Senior players.


  • For information on the Recruitment Process of Coaches, Mentors & Volunteers and to download the application form please see pages 30-35 and 65-66. Please speak to the Coaching Officers and Children’s Officer with regard to this process. Application forms are available in the Clubhouse or to download on page 65/66.


  • For information on Club Activities particularly Away Trips, Hosting an Event and Transport see Page’s 45-50


  • For information on Use of External/Non Club Facilities please contact Children’s Officer.


  • For information and guidance on Communications & Social Media Policy see page 51-53.


  • For information on Breaches of the Code see pages 17-29 and information on Dealing with Allegations or Concerns of Abuse see pages 54-66.


  • For information on Bullying see pages 57-60


  • Accident Report Forms are available in the clubhouse or to download on pages 67/68.


  • Definitions of Abuse and other Appendixes are on pages 69-92.


We have Children’s Officers at all codes : Camogie, Boys Football, Hurling, Rounders and Ladies Football within the club. We are available to assist and support you whenever we can.


Many thanks,

Sinead Treacy Children’s Officer  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Niamh O’ Donovan Vetting Officer  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.