Match Report: Lexilip Confey U14's Girls vs Celbridge U14's Girls – 27th April 2017 - @7.15pm (Confey GAA)

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Written by Team mentor Brendan Pimlott

It's been an excellent start for the U14's Celbridge football girls so far this year! Of course, after winning Division 6 Kildare LGFA League last year as U13's and being promoted up 2x divisions, also winning mini tournament as U12's and without any competitive match defeats in over 3 years, it easy to see just how well and just how good these girls have become over the last 3 years. This has also shown in the player numbers for the Club, as the squad has grown each year and currently stands at 31 girls in U14's. It's clear to see that the tough weekly training has paid off for the girls and Celbridge GAA club. Managing Mentors: Brendan Pimlott and Paul Lynch are very proud of all of the girls.      

After 2x successful league game wins for the Celbridge girls, they wanted to keep the process going and stay on top of Division 4. Also in the back of the Celbridge girl's minds was the Kildare LGFA Feile Group match tournament, scheduled for this Sunday (30th April 2017). Celbridge have been paired into a very tough Feile group this year, first against fellow Division 4 team Cappagh LGFA and then against the Group Feile hosts and last year's Division 4 winners and currently in Division 3, Rathcoffey who are very strong.

Lexilip Confey after their first defeat against Blessington, they were looking to get some points on the league table, but! The odds were fully stacked against them. As Celbridge team arrived with 26 girls, all ready and able to play. The mentors Brendan & Paul could afford to use this game to try different players in new positions, along with preparation for the Feile group matches on Sunday.

It took 7x mins before the first point was scored by Celbridge against Confey, which was a bit worrying for team, as in Feile each half will only be 15 mins long. The management team swapped in and out all of the Celbridge girls over the two half's tonight and this proved to be very good for all of the girls concerned, as they all played fantastically and scoring goals& points throughout the match. The mentors were delighted by all of the girls tonight, with the final score ending: Lexilip Confey 2-4 and Celbridge 9-9. It was great that all 26x girls played and contributed in the game, there was one bad tackle by Confey in the second half, which forced the Celbridge midfielder Megan Quinn off injured, and thankfully she was ok afterwards.

Final Score – Division 4 – Kildare LGFA U14's: Confey 2-4, Celbridge 9-9

Celbridge U14's LGFA DIV4 Girls - Team & Match Report

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(Celbridge Vs Blessington – Thursday 13th April 2017 – League Match)


After their successful win over "Round Towers" (Kildare town based team) in teams first league opening game away, back in March and then followed on by the successful win over "St.Ultans" (Meath League Team) in a friendly game in Celbridge GAA at the start of April, the Celbridge girls had been training hard for this second league match in counter with Blessington. Of course, with Blessington having already won their opening league game as well in this league, this game had a lot of importance for the two sides, as both teams were currently top of the table in Division 4, with two other teams yet to play in their first league game, so there could be three teams on top.

Also! With the News filtering in, that the Celbridge U14's girls had just received sponsorship to buy, New InterSport LGFA Football Jerseys, thanks to the new U14's LGFA girls team sponsorship with: Michelangelo's Restaurant in Main Street Celbridge - . Needless to say, all the girls are delighted, as these jerseys will be delivered in time for the Kildare Feile tournament in end of April.

For this home league match tonight! With the exception of two players out, Celbridge had every other girl available to play this match, which was the first time this year having such a big squad to choose from, due to all the girls being off school/hobbies/county games and being injury free during the Easter period. So the U14's Management team had to pick a starting 15 girls, out of 27 and now had 12x subs for this match, of course the mentors would also have the dilemma of only being able to play the sub change limit of the match. But! As the two mentors always say to the girls! "It's a full team effort and everyone plays there part in this team, whether they get to play on the night or not!"

The game kicked off, under the watchful eyes of: Maurice Mulcahy an experienced LGFA referee. Celbridge were playing from Left to right in the first half and within a matter for two minutes, Blessington opened the score with a strong point from play; this was followed by another point, just two minutes later again. However! Celbridge responded with two great points from play by Niamh Mortell in centre half forward. It was short lived, as Blessington then scored a fantastic goal from the run of play and this was responded by an excellent worked goal from Celbridge (Laoise Mimnagh) and suddenly it was game on!

As both teams were neck and neck in the first 20mins, there was a real battle in the midfield and the defence on both sides had to dig deep, to try stopping the forwards. But! The midfield play from Megan Quinn and Laura Syrbit as excellent, as they worked up the field to supply the centre half forwards, which ultimately gave way to 2x more goals which were setup beautifully between the Celbridge full forward line again, who were in top flawless form tonight (Laoise Mimnagh, Abbie Pimlott and Rebecca Davis), along with an excellent half forward line (Orla, Gallagher, Niamh Mortell and Eaibhin Flood) who played their hearts out and also scored points and helped few more points scored by the Celbridge girls and along with cracking goal by Niamh Mortell with assistance from forward line girls, all the time Blessington with their 4x county players making their own impact on the game. The score line showing: Celbridge 3-6 and Blessington 2-3 just before the half-time break and with both Celbridge & Blessington making two subs in the 1st Half, trying to slow down the centre half forwards.

As the second half resumed, after an encouraging team talk with the Celbridge U14's mentors, the mentors made two more substitutions to the Celbridge team, just to stall the Blessington forward line from the half backline and increase the impact at the defence, which to their credit were battling hard throughout the first half.

Holding their own with a strong Celbridge full backline was thanks to the likes of the team Captain Emma Lynch, Nikki O'Keefe and Meabh O'Donovan who defended valiantly. The Celbridge girls u14's came out with a new lease of life in the second half and before you knew it, after a great cross from the centre half forward Niamh, they scored another wonderful goal & point from the right corner full forward Abbie Pimlott, this was followed by excellent point and goal by Laoise Mimnagh in full centre forward, who playing excellently and then a goal from left full forward Rebecca Davis, followed by some more super goals from half forwards (Orla Carragher & Niamh Mortell), point by Eaibhin Flood and then midfield point & goal by Laura Syrbit who had a great game on the day, followed by a points from Megan Quinn who kept feeding the ball excellently up the field, with Emma Lynch to the overpowering half & full forward lines of Celbridge. This was followed by an excellent save from the Celbridge Goalkeeper (Niamh Barnes) preventing at least two goals on the night, who had a super game.

Blessington did manage to put two more goals into the Celbridge net later in the game, but! It was too little too late for Blessington, as Celbridge were a different unit in the second half, as all the girls played and supported each other, both on and off the pitch like a true unit, also the fitness levels of the Celbridge girls showed to be a big winning factor in the second half, as all the training tough weekly training had paid off!

Credit also has to be given to the Celbridge half back line over the course of the game, which battled and defended very well and to the end, against the 3x Wicklow county players (the half backline was covered by Kate Farrington, Leah Murphy, Tara Nevin, Orla O'Keeffe, Erica McGivern, Georgia Mooney, Aoife Walters, Eabha Daly and Naoise Kavanagh).

A Happy Birthday was also sung out to Emma Russell by the whole team after the game, as she was dedicated to the team, even on her birthday! Celbridge had an extremely large subs panel tonight, not everyone got a chance to make an impact tonight, but! With at least four more league games to play both away & home, they'll all get a chance to make their mark in the coming weeks. On the night these girls were: Aisling Mimnagh, Emma Russell, Vivienne Lee, Aishling Carthy, Rachel Synnott and Simone O'Reilly.


A truly well-deserved win for the Celbridge Girls Tonight!

The final score ending: Celbridge 9-10, Blessington 5-6.

Both U14's Celbridge Mentors – Brendan Pimlott & Paul Lynch were very proud of all the girls, as they played as a team, supporting each other throughout the game!

Goals Scored by: Niamh Mortell, Laoise Mimnagh, Abbie Pimlott, Orla Carragher, Laura Syrbit and Rebecca Davis.

Points Scored by: Niamh Mortell, Laoise Mimnagh, Abbie Pimlott, Laura Syrbit, Rebecca Davis, Megan Quinn, Eaibhin Flood.

Congrats to the ★U13 girls football team★Match Report

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Congrats to the ★U13 girls football team★ on winning their final in Rathcoffey this morning. 31-Oct, versus Balyna. Our thanks to the management team of Sean Gallagher & Brendan Pimlott for their hard work with the team. Thanks to Paul Lynch for sending in these images without water marks or copyright for us to enjoy & share.  Match Report by Brendan Pimlott. 

Date: 31st Oct 2016

For every winner, there must be a loser. Gaelic Football can be a cruel game at times, and unfortunately for Balyna, they were on the back foot from the best U13’s Celbridge Girls performance of this year. On paper, this game was supposed to be different from all the other matches played in this league this year, for all the girls concerned on both sides. As their last encounter (Celbridge vs Balyna) was only barely won, from last few minutes’ goal, in Celbridge’s favour, which separated the two teams in the end, only by a two-point margin. In every game before today’s final, both teams have shown a ruthless streak within this league beating other teams, which many believed would see them battle into extra time come this final day, like the Rathcoffey vs Na Fianna final also played today in another division. 

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★Match Report : Celbridge U13's Girls GAA VS Milltown U13's Girls GAA Football

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★Celbridge U13's Girls footballers before their convincing win today (22-Oct) over Milltown ★ in the league semi-final

Celbridge U13's Girls GAA VS Milltown U13's Girls GAA Football 

League Division 6a (SEMI-FINAL)

Played - Saturday 22nd Oct 2016 @12pm

The weather was good, the pitch was in good shape, and both Celbridge & Milltown had fully fit and ready squads, so it had all the ingredients needed for a good game. 

Now with a full team, it gave the two Celbridge Mentors - Sean and Brendan, some opportunities to change the layout for the starting team. Milltown U13's girls’ team looked ready and well prepared for this Semi-Final encounter against Celbridge U13’s girls.

The game kicked off and it was a real battle in the midfield from both teams. With an opening point scored from one of the Celbridge midfielders, this was followed by a goal from the Celbridge centre half forward, followed by another point from another Celbridge midfielder.  Milltown scored a point just before half time from there midfielder. 

The game seemed to be flow well, despite the score line, with the Celbridge defence holding very strong and the Celbridge forwards attacking well and most of the game seemed to be focused on the midfield area. The Celbridge centre half forward scored another goal, along with another goal from the full centre forward. But! Milltown didn’t give up and scored a goal from a rewarded free-kick to their centre forward, followed by another point from a free kick.

But it was Celbridge girls who held strong and scored a goal from there midfielder, from free kick (which seemed to be disallowed from the referee at the end of the game), but this didn’t matter in the end, as it was followed a few more points and the game was at its end.

A good battle from the two sides, but Celbridge seemed to have the edge on the day! 

It was great to see all the Celbridge girls playing as a team and fully supporting each other when needed. It was also worth noting all the parents and great family support, from both teams was excellent!

On one small note, everyone commented on how well the Celbridge defence held/played on the day! So full credit to girls on the day playing in the defence positions, who were: Emma Lynch (Captain & CDEF), Meabh O’Donovan (LDEF), Nikki O’Keefe (RDEF), Leah Gallagher (RHB), Leah Murphy (CHB), Laura Syrbit (LHB) and Subs who also filled defence positions - Lucy O’Reilly, Emma Russell and Tara Nevin.

Both Mentors – Sean & Brendan were delighted for the girls and happy to be in the Final on the 31st of Oct 2016.

Also, full credit must be given to Milltown, for making it to the Semi-Finals and then for an excellent game. Well done to all of the girls, who all played their part, both on and off the pitch.


Final Score (As Recorded by the Referee): Celbridge 3-7, Milltown 1-2

Scorers for Celbridge on the day were:

Megan Quinn (MF), Niamh Mortell (MF), Abbie Pimlott (CHF), Laoise Mimnagh (FCF)

The Final will be played in:

Rathcoffey GAA Club - @11.15am, Pitch 2, Monday 31st Oct 2016, with GAA Referee: Caroline Sexton

Celbridge Vs Balyna - U13’s Girls Football Division Final