★Code of Behavior / Best Practice★

Hi folks

I will be arranging a Code of Behavior course for any new helpers, mentors or Referees (age 17 and upwards) in early October. 

Please remember that if you are involved or helping in coaching any underage players, or refereeing underage players, then this course MUST be completed. 

If any existing coaches have recruited new helpers please let me know. 

It will be run over one evening in the club. 

If anyone needs to do this course please let the Children's Officer know asap.

Thanks. Niamh O'Donovan, Children's Officer

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fly By

★Celbridge GAA All – Ireland U10 Football Festival 2016★ Many thanks to John Galvin (Aerial Drone Specialist) for taking this unedited deadly flyby at the start of the Football Festival 2016 on Saturday 20-Aug-2016. John recommends shootcutgrade.com & Shoot Cut Grade The Club looks amazing.

A massive thanks to K Windows & Doors

A massive thanks to K Windows & Doors for the transformation. They did a great job by replacing our drafty windows & doors in our club house. We did not need to redecorate either ! Members have noticed a real difference in appearance and no drafts :) . You should drop by our club house and take a look. A warm welcome awaits you.

★Drone Fly By ★

You have to check out this short drone flight taken just after the car park was re-lined. We plan a proper fly by in a few weeks to show case our facility.


New jerseys and shorts now available Sportsmaster

CELBRIDGE GAA - New jerseys and shorts now exclusively available in Sportsmaster, Main Street, Celbridge!



  • 5/6 , 7/8, 9/10, 10/11;31.00 euro
  • 13 YEARS   39.00 euro
  • S, M, L, XL ADULT; 42.00 euro



  • 24”, 26”, 28”15.00 euro
  • 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”18.00 euro

Goalie Jersey

  • Goalkeeper jerseys  available  by special  order.  
  • Add €5.00 to above prices.  
  • Once  off orders to be  submitted  to club shop ONLY  before  25 March. 
  • These  items  cannot be ordered  online.