★Lotto Jackpot is over €10,000★


We are delighted to announce that we are continuing LIVE LOTTO DRAWS on Facebook at 8pm on Thursdays.

Click the link below if you would like to be in the draw for over €10,000

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



After a month of pounding the roads around Celbridge for charities close to our hearts it’s now down to the Elite over 35s to do their bit.

★Run 10,000km to raise funds for 5 charities close to the hearts of Celbridge GAA Club members★


We have had our Senior Footballers running miles and Senior Comogie running kilometres with Ladies football running mini marathons and Senior Hurling running Marathons!

So we will hit the road hard on Saturday next-30th May-at 10am and pass the Castletown gates between 10:30 and 11am...wind dependent!

We are doing this in support of the 5 charities and one in particular Irish Kidney Association (IKA)

We all know someone on dialysis or awaiting a transplant be it lungs,heart or kidney.

That is why it’s so important to carry a card.We will have cards for all those who pass the Castle town Gates on Saturday morning.

The IKA is a charitable organisation that supports patients and families with kidney disease.

The charity supports a wide range of activities for all those affected directly or indirectly

  • Counselling
  • Holiday Dialysis
  • Renal support Beaumont Hospital
  • Research into disease
  • Educational programs for patient and families.

This is a worthy charity in need of your help.

We have 20 runners ready to pick up the baton where the Hurlers left off on Saturday...remember some guys have never ran for a bus never mind 5k...we would like to thank St.Johns Ambulances who have offered their services if needed difibulator in toe.

Most of the guys have a lot of heavy training done early in the year with thoughts of championship football so now is the time to call on that reserve.

We will run 150K that is 7.5 per player.

Thank you to Niamh Egan who came up with this concept and to the athletes,warriors and heroes that have ran to date and to all of you that have donated so generously a very big thank you.

We will start our run from every estate in Celbridge and we ask you once again to don the Club colours and fly the blue and white flag and come out and support the lads ,all of this while

still maintaining social distancing of course.

We have many needs and wants in this present climate but none that compare to the needs of these 5 Charities and IKA that is so dependent on your generosity so please if you can at all spare a few bob and finish in style what Niamh started a month ago and push the dial from 15,100 now to 16,17 and beyond.

With your help and your commitment we can deliver.

Giving is not just about making. a donation
It’s about making a difference

Come on Celbridge.

The link to donate is: ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Updating your Child Safeguarding



Hi folks.

Hope everyone is well in these challenging times. We have seen a lot of invites to webinars and online coaching.

With that in mind, please find attached a link to updating your Child Safeguarding. Can anyone whose CoB Child safeguarding level 1 course is 3-4 years old please take the opportunity to update on the new material.

This refresher course is half an hour long. It would be great to have everyone up to date once we are all back training.

Thanks for your continued cooperation.




Club Grounds Are Closed & Player Insurance


Celbridge GAA Club would like to remind everybody, that on guidance from Croke Park, our Club Grounds and Clubhouse will remain closed until 20 July 2020.

This includes the use for recreational purposes, including walking, casual games or gatherings.

No Trespassing is allowed. The Gardai have been informed of various trespassing issues and will continue to check on the grounds on a regular basis.

Person(s) found trespassing or damaging the grounds will be prosecuted.

The GAA Player Injury Fund and Public Liability Insurance Cover continue to be suspended.

★Run 10,000km to raise funds for 5 charities close to the hearts of Celbridge GAA Club members★



As one of our chosen charities, this weekend we are focusing on Pieta House.

The link for donations is: ⬇️⬇️⬇️


More than 80% of their funds come from the public, and with their annual event ‘Darkness Into Light’ cancelled due to COVID it is important now more than ever to show our support.

This Saturday May 9th was supposed to be the Darkness Into Light event.

Instead, Pieta and Electric Ireland would like to invite everyone to show community and solidarity with those impacted by suicide by getting up at 5:20am on 9th May to watch the sunrise from their home.

The camogie team are taking this one step further by running 5km individually and separately abiding by guidelines.

We will be leaving our homes and at some point between 5:20am and 5:50am passing by the Arthur Guinness Statue in the village.

We will be all wearing yellow and carrying our hurls as a symbol of our support.

Please spread our message and offer hope by wearing a Darkness Into Light t-shirt, or anything yellow, and sharing your sunrise moment using #DILSunriseAppeal #DIL2020 #10KinMay

The link for donations is: ⬇️⬇️⬇️


We will also be tracking the clubs distance using the app “strava” https://www.strava.com/clubs/Celbridge-GAA

★Thank you very much to the Club volunteers who are giving their time freely to complete deliveries with SuperValu in Celbridge★


Seems like a while ago on Tuesday Mar 31 when we sent out an email looking for volunteers to help SuperValu in Celbridge with deliveries to some of the most vulnerable in our community who could be affected by Covid-19.

By Thursday 2nd of April the Government had stepped in with their own scheme to organise deliveries nationally to the vulnerable.

It's now May and since the first email & call to our members over 30 of you answered the call. Every day dedicated volunteers deliver the weekly & daily shop to those who are cocooned in Celbridge and surrounding areas like Leixlip, Lucan, Ardclough & Athgoe. It's more that just dropping in with the messages, it's providing a life line to the folks who need to stay in-doors & providing daily personal contact ( all be it from a safe distance ).

We were out looking for photos of these 30 dedicated volunteers but they did not want to be named or pictured.

So, on behalf of our members, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your work & diligence to help our community be a better place to live.

We would also like to share a small note which was given to one of the volunteers which was so uplifting & made it all worth while.

On behalf of the club members we say THANK YOU very much.