Getting Set Up as a Coach or Volunteer

VOLUNTEERS – GET YOURSELF SET UP! GET SORTED WITH FOIREANN, TOBAR (GAA LEARNING),VETTING, SAFEGUARDING…   Introduction Any volunteer in the GAA intending to work with children, must have completed the below relevant requirements, before commencing any role. This is in line with the GAA Code of Behaviour (Underage) and with the Law and Association policy. Volunteers include coaches, mentors, supervisors, coaching assistants, female liaison officers, appropriate club committee members & volunteers, facility staff and those organising underage activities (including camps, trips & social events) or refereeing underage games.   You will need to get set up with access to: Access to the Foireann website (handles your personal information and your vetting, safeguarding and courses information) Access to Tobar (GAA Learning) website (access to loads of coaching resources as well as enrolment on courses)   Through these you will need to:​ Be Garda vetted through the Foireann website (Valid for 3 Years) (Everyone) Attend a child safeguarding course (Valid for 3 Years) (Everyone) Complete the Introduction to Gaelic Games coaching course (Coaches only) ​ Getting Set Up  ​ Logging in to Foireann Log into your account on Foireann or create an account on Foireann If you don’t have a Foireann account you can find instructions on how to get set up here.   Logging in to Tobar (GAA Learning) Log into your account on Tobar or create an account on Tobar   If you don’t have a Tobar account you can find instructions on how to get set up here.   Linking your Tobar account to your Foireann account This only takes a moment and is well worth doing as it will keep a record of all your courses. You can sync your Tobar account with your Foireann account.  To do this, click on the green button on the top of the page in Tobar "Foireann Connect". We advise having your Tobar and Foireann accounts both open at the time - it seems to work better! If this button is not visible, then the accounts are already synchronised. You can see in Foireann that your Tobar account is linked -that will be under your Profile and Qualifications and Vetting tab.    Qualifications are displayed in the Profile section of Foireann under "Qualifications & Vetting".  If there is no information in here and you expect to see something, you can seek assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. 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The Child Safeguarding 1 online Refresher Course launched in September 2019 allows coaches and other volunteers who have already attended a full face to face Safeguarding 1 session in the past 3 years to refresh the course online. It is also important to note that one cannot complete 2 online refresher courses in succession - a refresher course MUST be followed by a full workshop if one is to maintain their cover.  It is an interactive eLearning course split into 6 separate modules.   If you have questions about courses or want to request that a course be put on please pass on that information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91 = 'Childrensofficer.Celbridge.Kildare' + '@'; addy61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91 = addy61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91 + 'gaa' + '.' + 'ie'; var addy_text61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91 = 'Childrensofficer.Celbridge.Kildare' + '@' + 'gaa' + '.' + 'ie';document.getElementById('cloak61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91').innerHTML += ''+addy_text61bf4eff6e61dc0a8a95014fcf5a4a91+'';   ​ COACHING COURSES GAA Introduction to Gaelic Games Foundation courses will be organised in Celbridge and/or across Kildare each year.  The course is aimed at beginner coaches from across the Gaelic games codes of Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football and Ladies Gaelic Football. It is a requirement for coaches.   The ICGG Award course has been designed to support new coaches develop a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, competencies, and values for coaching the child, youth or adult playing population. Click Here for more information on the course   VETTING  THE REST OF THIS DOCUMENT DEALS WITH THE VETTING PROCESS   How to apply for Garda Vetting ​It is a legal requirement that Garda Vetting must be obtained before taking up any of the above roles and training courses must be in place before taking up a role working with children at the club. As...

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Gaelic Games Player Pathway

  We are delighted to inform you that Celbridge GAA has formally adopted the "Gaelic Games Player Pathway" as a strategic initiative to bring the club forward and to enhance the player, coaching and involvement experience. The attached document has been jointly produced and endorsed by the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association, and now forms part of Celbridge GAA ONE CLUB policy, across all codes. The Player Pathway is based on the FTEM athlete development framework, empirical evidence and international best practice. Click here to download the Gaelic Games Player Pathway document. 

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Coaching Videos

  Coaching resources for all club coaches below,  If coaches want to bounce any ideas or discuss session plans or want any material/activities for players over the next 2 weeks just let me know, coaches can get me on my mobile number below.     Kris Van Der Hagen - Player Pathway (Belgium Way)   Des Ryan - Child/Youth/Adult ''be Comfortable in Chaos''   Mick Bohan - Complex Skills   Martin Fogarty - Sample Hurling Coaching Session   Paudie Butler - Ball Wall Skills   Jonathan Daniels Celbridge Gaa Club Games Promotion Officer Leinster Gaa Coach Education Tutor E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloake75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addye75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7 = 'jonathan.daniels.gpo.kildare' + '@'; addye75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7 = addye75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7 + 'gaa' + '.' + 'ie'; var addy_texte75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7 = 'jonathan.daniels.gpo.kildare' + '@' + 'gaa' + '.' + 'ie';document.getElementById('cloake75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte75cd396aea20a35e39942dedd134ff7+''; M: 0852734552  

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